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Why work for The John Wallis Academy?

Why Work at The John Wallis Church of England Academy?

Our vision articulates a commitment to excellence and a belief in choice.

If you choose to work at this Academy, you are committing to excellence.

You are making the choice to be the best possible version of yourself and recognise that every professional (be it teacher, leader, cleaner, or administrator) can learn, grow, and improve. You are making the choice to join a dynamic and diverse team of passionate teachers, leaders and support staff, who believe in each other and their students.

We are committed to the growth and development of all of our staff at every level.


From September 2021, we are introducing a programme of Incremental Coaching. Every member of our team will receive one-to-one feedback, on a bi-weekly basis, from their own expert coach. You will have the opportunity to engage in developmental conversations about your professional growth, and you will be given the time and guidance to practise and hone your craft. Supported by your coach, you will take a leading role in your own professional learning and practice, so that you can navigate your personal journey towards teaching excellence, and be at your best for your students.

Programme of Professional Learning:

We want all of our teachers to become expert practitioners and leaders while working with us. To achieve this, we offer a bespoke programme of professional learning at every level, from ITT and NQT to experienced teachers and leaders. The professional programme we offer is tailor-made to meet the needs of all teachers and their students, and places emphasis on educational research combined with both internal and external expertise. Our 2021/22 masterclasses will help you turn the best in educational theory and research into practical plans for use in your classroom. It will provide a golden opportunity to extend your impact and to share your practice with your colleagues and contribute to our collective wisdom as an Academy.

Excellence in Teaching (EiT) Rubric:

We don’t just talk about excellence, we live it. Our EiT rubric is rooted in research and our collective experience, and gives clarity around what excellence looks like within the teaching profession. The rubric acts as our guide to teacher learning and development, and provides a clear pathway so that all members of our team can articulate their steps towards excellence. Our EiT Rubric provides a framework so that we can succeed and grow together.

Performance Management:

At the John Wallis Church of England Academy, Performance Management is not a yearly review. It is an ongoing cycle. Our Continuous Performance Management (CPM) model ensures that line managers are actively involved and invested in the development and growth of their staff throughout the whole year.

Church of England and Chaplaincy:

The ethos of the John Wallis Church of England Academy is rooted in the Christian concepts of care and nurture. Many people comment that they can feel the love just by walking around our buildings. This care reaches out beyond the Academy site to our families and local community.

All of our work is underpinned by prayer. There is a daily Act of Collective Worship and a prayer at the start of the day. We hold regular Holy Communion services to which staff, students and parents are invited.

Life in the Academy is about mirroring Gospel values and recognising that we all make mistakes and moving on. It is about enabling each other to develop our God-given gifts and being the best that we can be.