Transition Details for New Year 7s (Intake September 2024):

Welcome Evening - Wednesday 12th June 2024.

Transition Dates - Thursday 4th July 2024 and Friday 5th July 2024.

Induction Day - Tuesday 3rd September 2024.

The Transition Period:

The timeline below lists all of the events that will take place between now and September, when your child starts at The John Wallis Church of England Academy.

The events are displayed chronologically, please note that attendance at the Transition Evening and October’s Tutor Evening is compulsory.

May / June

  • Most Year 6 pupils will be visited by a member of The John Wallis Middle School Team at their primary school.
  • Welcome evening (attendance is compulsory – Parents/Carers and Year 6 pupils to attend) Wednesday 12th June This is a face-to-face event held on the school site. Please see below for your allocated time.


  • Transition days : Pupils will be invited to attend The John Wallis Church of England Academy for two days ; Thursday 4th July and Friday 5th July from 8.45am until 2.30pm.

September / October

  • Tuesday 3rd September 2024: First day of term Y7 and Y12 Only
  • Thursday 24th October 2024: Meet the Tutor Evening – Further details to follow.


Please be aware that it is expected that all children joining The John Wallis Church of England Academy in the new academic year will attend the Welcome Evening. The purpose of this evening is to give you and your child an opportunity to meet with key members of staff at The John Wallis Church of England Academy, ask any questions that you may have and discuss the school’s key expectations. There will be time available for a tour of the school for those that have not had the opportunity of seeing the facilities

Wednesday 12th June @ 5pm. Wednesday 12th June @ 5.45pm
Aldington Primary Furley Park Primary Academy
Ashford Oaks Community Primary School John Wallis Church of England Academy
Beaver Green Primary School Mersham Primary School
Bethersden Primary School Phoenix Community Primary School
Chilmington Green Primary School Repton Manor Primary School
East Stour Primary School Rye Community Primary School
Educated outside of School Sellindge Primary School
Finberry Primary School St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Goat Lees Primary School St Mary's Church of England Primary School
Godinton Primary School St Simon
Great Chart Primary School Victoria Road Primary School
Hamstreet Primary Academy Wittersham Church of England Primary School
John Wesley Woodchurch Church of England Primary School
Kingsnorth Church of England Primary School  


Your child is invited to spend two days with us in July to gain a real experience of what life is like at The John Wallis Church of England Academy. This experience has three main aims:

1. Pupils will be able to navigate the school site by the end of the two days.

2. Pupils will have made new friends so they will be socially happy when joining us in September.

3. To have met the pastoral team and a number of teachers so they will know how to gain adult support if and when required.

Please bring your child to the school’s main reception for 8.45am each morning where they will be met by The John Wallis Academy staff.

The day will finish at 2.30pm when pupils will be dismissed from the Runcie Playground. Any pupils wishing to wait for an older sibling will be able to wait in a supervised area until the end of the school day at 3.05pm.

Pupils need to:

  • Wear their full primary school uniform.
  • Bring a bag with their pencil case and drink. Please note that water is preferred and no fizzy or sport/ energy drinks are allowed on the school site.
  • Pupils will receive a free lunch but they are welcome to bring a packed lunch.

*Additional support will be provided for those highlighted during communication with the primary schools.


Transition Details for New Year 7s (Intake September 2025):

Welcome Evening - To Be Confirmed.

Transition Dates - Week Commencing 30th June 2025.

Meet the Tutor evening - To Be Confirmed.

Induction Day - To Be Confirmed.