In our Academy, we consider eating healthily and nutritiously to be a very important part of our pupils’ development. All of the meals in our restaurant are freshly cooked using natural and healthy ingredients.

Impact state - “only the highest quality produce”

“Everything has to start with fantastic quality and responsible food. Across our wide, diverse and ever-changing menus, we ensure that every single morsel is safe, sustainable and tastes great. We only source from farmers, wholesalers and catering butchers that are audited to UKAS accredited standards and meet the highest possible assurance levels.”

We believe every child needs a satisfying meal at lunchtime, fuelling them for the afternoon ahead. Nurturing the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, we provide a nutritious meal every day to nourish from within.”

Our menus operate on a three week cycle to ensure plenty of variety and choice.  We cater for children with different dietary requirements.  Staff and children sit together for lunch in the Nursery which helps to improve children’s social skills as well as building good relationships between children and their Key Workers. 

Each morning, parents are able to choose their child’s lunch for the day or they can choose to provide their child with a packed lunch.

We would ask that packed lunches are healthy and nutritious and that no chocolate or nut ingredients are given.

We are a 'Nut Free' Nursery.