GCSE Results 2022-23

GCSE Examination Results – 24th August 2023

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GCSE Outcomes 2022/23

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I write to inform you about the GCSE results of our students at The John Wallis Church of England Academy. As the Principal of the school, I am extremely proud of the hard work, dedication, and commitment that our students have demonstrated throughout their GCSE journey.

I am thrilled to announce that the collective efforts of our students, supported by the dedication of our teaching staff have led to fantastic achievements that we, as a community, should be extremely proud of. These results reflect the culmination of years of perseverance and academic growth.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every student on their achievements. Their determination and resilience have truly paid off, and they should be immensely proud of their accomplishments. Whether it's achieving top grades or making significant progress, each student's journey is unique and noteworthy.

Let us celebrate their hard work and dedication and let us continue to nurture a culture of learning and growth within our school community.

Outcomes 2022/23

Out of all the examinations sat by pupils at the Academy in 2023:

• 67% achieved a level 4+ in English
• 50% achieved a level 5+ in English
• 51% achieved a level 4+ in Mathematics
• 100% achieved a 9 – 4 in Biology
• 100% achieved a 9 – 4 in Chemistry
• 100% achieved a 9 – 4 in Physics
• 32% achieved a 9 – 4 in Combined Science
• 100% achieved a level 4+ in Child Development

Academy Hall of Famers

Whilst we are exceptionally proud of all our students, the attainment of the following students is worthy of special mention and commendation:

Lila Sloan (achieving seven 9 - 7 grades and ten 9 - 4 grades)

Jude Morgans (seven 9 - 7 grades, ten 9 - 4 grades)

Jack Gardiner (six 9 - 7grades, ten 9 - 4 grades)

Ethan Morse (six 9 – 7 grades, ten 9 - 4 grades)

Drishti Goswami (five 9 – 7 grades, ten 9 - 4 grades)

Jean Prescott (five 9 – 7 grades, ten 9 - 4 grades)

Freya McKie (four 9 – 7 grades, ten 9 - 4 grades)

Allan Kowalczyk (three 9 – 7 grades, ten 9 - 4 grades)

Principal, Damian McBeath, praised all the students for their hard work:
“Our Year 11 students have worked hard and achieved some wonderful results despite all the challenges and disruption they have had to endure. They have been exceptional role models to others, and we are extremely proud of them all.”