Miss Samantha Manchester

Learning, Engagement and Well-being for Upper School

My name is Miss Manchester and I am a Teacher of Physical Education and the Learning, Engagement and Well-being for Upper School. I have worked in the Academy for 10 years.

I studied Law and Marketing at Keele University before completing my GTP as a PE teacher. 

My sport specialisms are athletics and gymnastics. I represented the Kent Athletics team for three years before leaving for university. I was also Kent Sports Acro champion with my sister. 

In 2018, I was nominated for Ashford Radio Teacher of the year award and was recognised as a highly commended teacher finalist. 

In 2019, I received a National Thank A Teacher nomination. This is a scheme supported by the Department of Education.

For me, ‘excellence’ happens when there is a belief to truly make a difference. It is the result of caring about what you do, and of putting your very best effort into what you care about. 

Being persistent in achieving nothing but the best outcome and being resilient to challenges makes you stronger and there is an immense satisfaction within yourself when you finally get what you want. It is an investment that gives you a return even long after the efforts have been made.

The best thing about the Academy is our pupils and students!

Outstanding schools cannot exist without great groups of pupils and students, and the diversity of our student population is what makes our Academy so special.

Our Academy community respects each other, supports each other, and helps each other to achieve excellence. Our Academy is a perfect example of how different people can work together, and help each other to succeed and achieve excellence. 

Committed to Excellence

/ 7