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We are delighted to advise that pupils in Years 10-13 have the opportunity to take part in the NHS Allied Work Experience Programme on Sunday 5th December.  The virtual work experience day will take place through an online portal and run LIVE from 10.00am-5.00pm, following 2 patients from their initial accidents through to recovery.

There will be the opportunity to interact with the healthcare professionals via a LIVE Chat function and polls throughout the day! All students will be awarded with a Work Experience Certificate for participating on the day. This is something that they can include in their UCAS and Apprenticeship Applications.

The cost to attend is £10/student per session, which is an administrative cost to cover the set-up of individual portals, personalised certificates, safeguarding, the tech on the day, such as servers and chat functions.  Please click here for full details and the link to register.