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Lower School

Within the Lower School we aim to instil a passion for learning.

Nursery through to Year 4

Our youngest children bounce into the academy with enthusiasm, curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. The Lower school is designed to ensure that our youngest pupils get off to an excellent start in life. We are committed to enabling all children to read early and develop, within them, the confidence and characteristics that will help them to overcome any challenges that come their way. Alongside reading, we focus on language and vocabulary development from an early age. Physical development and movement are vital skills the children will focus on from the very beginning of their education. 

The foundations for their ongoing learning in all areas are developed with the Lower School. 

"Our aims within the Lower School are to give each and every child the best possible start to their education, giving them the key skills for accessing and enjoying their educational journey, developing their confidence and drive to learn"

Mr Richard Woolley - Head of Lower School