Inclusion and SEND


Mrs Kelly McBeath
Director of Inclusion, The John Wallis Church of England

As a Church of England Academy, we are inclusive of all regardless of creed, colour, race, gender, sexual orientation or ability. We hope to transform the lives of our pupils and our wider community by putting our core values of love, integrity, generosity, hope and tolerance (LIGHT) into action.

We must help and enable each pupil to succeed to the best of their ability by providing high quality lessons and an appropriate curriculum for our pupils. Inclusion at The John Wallis Academy is a thread that runs through everything we do. Every person in our community is valued. We believe in equity not just equality. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure everyone has fair chance to be their best, achieve their best and be able make real choices.

The 0-19 Academy has an inclusion team comprising a small team of SENCO’s EAL teachers, learning mentors, teaching assistants and SEN teachers all overseen by the Director of Inclusion that has ultimate oversight of the strategic direction for inclusion across the school. With our comprehensive team and a commitment to truly inclusive practice across the school, every member of our school community is valued, has a voice and has equitable opportunity to succeed and achieve their very best. The responsibility of this does not reside exclusively with the inclusion team but is a responsibility that runs through the fabric of the Academy. Each and every member of staff is committed to excellence.

For further information regarding inclusion and SEN please see our policies and guidance or contact the school directly.