Cllr Dara Farrell

Governor (Sponsor: KCC)

I have been a governor of the Academy for 3 years. I am a political appointee to the Governing Body.

I have a professional interest in politically generated social policy and its impacts. Aside from politics, I work as a Nightclub and corporate event DJ, a role which allows me to indulge in my hobby of music collection. In a misguided attempt to relax I watch Arsenal.

Excellence, whilst subjective, means outperforming the expectations of one’s self or others, and striving for excellence in this way, is an achievement in itself.

The greatest thing about our Academy is that every child is viewed as an individual. While Higher Education will not be for everyone, more pupils from the local community going on to further education and University will only improve the life chances of those in the area and that of future generations.

Committed to Excellence

/ 5