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Meet our Prefects

The Senior Prefect Team has many different goals that they consider to be a stepping stone to larger projects future prefects can work towards.

These projects vary from the carbon neutral commitment to a range of topics we would like to discuss in Tutor Time.  Jacob and Kyle have been aiding with the academy's promise to be carbon neutral by 2030. This has included researching different schemes, from raising awareness to counter-carbon projects. Each member of the team is covering a different area, from mental health issues to personal safety.

In addition to this the team are hoping to start a student mentoring program.  While we cannot participate in this currently due to COVID restrictions, we feel that it will strengthen our role as a bridge between students and staff. This will entail anything from helping students with their work, due to the large range of subject expertise within the Prefect Team, to listening to any problems they have and passing it on to the appropriate staff.

Secondary Prefect Team