Media Studies


Mr Morse Teacher in Charge of Media Studies



One of the key areas of focus in Media is independent work. In this subject, students are guided and supported through the work while being strongly encouraged to approach everything from a personal angle. This allows students to form a connection with the work they are doing, becoming more involved with it and gaining greater enjoyment from their study.

This enjoyment makes Media a very popular subject, with the majority of students who take it choosing to continue it in some aspect into Further Education. The level of personal interest and self-development gained by students is a real highlight of the course, as it is both creative and academic. The analytical and evaluative skills essential for all areas of Media can be used in a range of subjects and careers.

It is the main aim of this department to produce students who care about the work they complete, have a high level of interest and motivation at all times, and are supported and guided to achieve exceptional results.


The Department are extremely lucky to have a suite of Macs and PC’s installed with Adobe Creative Suite as well as production equipment to allow students to achieve their highest possible grade.


In addition to the course, Media students are always in demand for filming and photographing events and activities around the school, both during the day and in the evenings. These activities are excellent additions to CVs and Personal Statements.


There are so many jobs you can approach with a Media qualification. Media Studies can unlock potential in Video Games, Film production or distribution, Advertising and Marketing. Public Relations, Online and Social Media Content plus so much more.


Subject Documents Date  
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