Religious Education

Mr R Twyman Subject Leader of Religious Education
Mr J Collins Teacher of Design Technology and Religious Education
Miss L Dadswell Teacher of Religious Education
Miss S Hawley Teacher of Religious Education
Miss E White Teacher of Religious Education
Miss E Wright Teacher of Religious Education

The RE department at the John Wallis Church of England Academy is an enthusiastic and lively team which aims to inspire its students. We have a highly skilled group of staff who deliver an exciting curriculum across all year groups from Years 7 to 13.


We deliver our wide curriculum using a variety of resources that aims to suit all learning styles. With access to ICT rooms, textbooks and artistic materials such as plastercine and paint, no two lessons are the same.

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In Year 7, students are able to discover what one in three people on our planet mean when they call themselves a Christian. Students will look at the lives and teachings of some important figures from the Old Testament of the Bible, many of whom are found in the Holy Books of the Jews, Christians and Muslims, meaning they are influential to two thirds of the world's population today.

 As well as looking at influential characters of the Old Testament, students are able to study through a new and creative source the importance of Christianity in the modern world while looking at sources from the Old and New Testament that have had and are still having an impact on the world and society we live in. The new Understanding Christianity programme is exciting and a refreshing approach to teaching and learning and this year we are piloting some units with our Year 7 and 8 students.

We also introduce our students to the Eastern Religions of Buddhism and Sikhism and we consider their beliefs and practices in relation to today’s world and we look at their moral teachings, festivals, pilgrimages and fast days and how they use meditation to help them focus on prayer.

Year 8 start the academic year exploring the identity and beliefs of Jews in our world today. We look at a unit entitled ‘Belief in God’ and the challenges that are faced by Christians in today’s society. We consider the Design Argument, Big Bang Theory and why there is so much evil and suffering in the world. Year 8 will also have an opportunity to explore some Understanding Christianity units during the academic year.

As in Year 7, we make time to explore another world religion which is Islam. We consider the identity and practices of Muslims in Britain today and the importance of community cohesion in our academy and in our society. This unit of work covers beliefs and practices  as it allows students to prepare for their GCSE when they will need to have good knowledge of another religion apart from Christianity. In both Year 7 and 8 we work closely with our Chaplain Mr Ian Rich to ensure students have the opportunity of visiting our Chapel to discuss certain liturgical events such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

The GCSE course in Religious Studies begins in Year 9. Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 are completing the Eduqas GCSE Religious Studies (Route A) course which is made up of three Units. The first Unit that students study is about Christianity, giving students an understanding of the beliefs and practices of the majority religion within the UK. The second unit that students will complete looks at moral issues and the reaction of religious and secular opinions towards them. Finally a unit looking at Islam as another world religion will be completed. This GCSE will be assessed by three examinations sat at the end of Year 11.

We are delighted to offer a Key Stage 5 Eduqas Religious Studies course at AS and A level in Christianity, Philosophy and Ethics. This is Eduqas A Level course is designed to make students think about why people hold the belief's they do. We have the opportunity to look in depth at those big questions concerning God and morality. Students will also gain an in depth understanding of the theology, concepts and teachings of Christianity as the biggest religion in the world.


Homework is set on a weekly basis and intends to help students extend their learning outside of the classroom. A wide variety of homework is set to enable students to not just develop their knowledge but also their skills to enable them to be successful. All homework can be viewed via the SIMS Learning Gateway.


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