Mr L Osborn Director of Mathematics
Mr T Harding Lead Practitioner for Mathematics
Ms N Cooper Teacher of Mathematics
Miss E Harriss Teacher of Mathematics and Physical Education
Miss N Hart Teacher of Mathematics
Mr D Hubbard Teacher of Mathematics
Mr D Kennedy Teacher of Mathematics
Mr G Lound Teacher of Mathematics
Miss L Wallace Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs K Owen Teacher of SEN
Mr P Warburton Teacher of Mathematics
Miss H Watson Teacher of Mathematics

Mathematics at The John Wallis Academy
To be successful in today's modern world young people need to have a high level of quantitative literacy. Now that we are faced with a deluge of information from the internet, these young people need to be able to understand and analyse facts and figures to a far greater extent than their predecessors.
For students to be successful at Advanced Level they have to make a very important shift to becoming independent learners. Our role in the mathematics department will be to develop the passion for the subject in the students and reveal to them its inherent beauty and its applicability to the modern world. It is this passion that will source the high level of motivation needed to work at the right level and learn independently, which in turn will bring exam success. We provide an experience which is broader than the standard curriculum and encourage students to view mathematics in both a technical and social context. We take advantage of the Further Maths Support Programme to offer broader technical experiences and explore the social implications of mathematics in our clubs and societies.

Courses Offered

We have a well-qualified team of mathematics teachers that deliver the full range of courses covering the complete A level and Further Mathematics A Level syllabus. We also teach an additional mathematics GCSE programme to fast track year 11 students into the A level mathematics programme.

We also offer some students the possibility to resit their mathematics GCSE.

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Further Maths Support Programme

The academy is a registered member of the Further Maths Support Programme which offers a range of opportunities for students to both consolidate their standard learning and gain experience beyond the standard curriculum. Through this channel we provide opportunities for students to attend lectures from leading figures in mathematics, attend workshops, and participate in mathematics competitions. The programme also provides valuable tools for learning and tracking student progress.

Mathematics and ICT

Modern mathematics and ICT are intimately linked. Whether the student is exploring mathematics for its own sake or is looking to exploit mathematical skills in the context of science or business it is important that these skills can be applied in the context of ICT which is used in both the exploring and doing of mathematics.

The Academy offers a rich environment for using ICT in the classroom and for using ICT as an integral part of the students independent study programme. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard (IWB). These are used to by both teachers and students to give a highly interactive means to interact with visual representations of mathematical concepts greatly increasing the depth of understanding that can be achieved by the students.

Our students use both and in mathematics lessons and in independent study. These tools allow students to explore the subject themselves and allow the teaching team to track their progress outside of the classroom.

In addition to using standard tools like spreadsheets students will learn to use the Geometers Sketchpad to investigate mathematical problems. The Decision Mathematics introduces students to algorithms required for computer programming, logistics, and project management. Students will learn basic computer programming using the environment – some will use this as the springboard to develop deeper programming skills.

Students are encouraged to use resources like:

to investigate mathematical concepts independently and in a professional manner.

The John Wallis Mathematical Society

Sixth-form students studying A-level mathematics and Further Mathematics are invited to join the John Wallis Mathematical Society. This society is for the gifted and talented mathematicians in the academy. The Society aims to broaden the members’ views of mathematics, develop a positive collaboration between its members across different age groups, and also to engender a responsibility for mentoring and supporting other students in the academy.

Members will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend lectures both inside and outside the academy on advanced and interesting topics in mathematics.
  • Explore problems beyond the standard curriculum to develop their mathematical reasoning and analysis skills
  • Explore advanced ICT in the context of mathematical and computational problems
  • Participate in National Challenge competitions
  • Deliver presentations to the society and their peers
  • Mentor and support younger talented students
  • Take lead roles in the School Maths Club

The society provides a forum in which the members develop a sense of the social responsibility and to help others to develop their numeracy skills.

Life After Levels
Click the image below to read more about Life After Levels and how this has been integrated into Mathematics.