Miss R Graham

Teacher in Charge of iLearn

Mrs K Owen Teacher of SEN

Our Philosophical Overview

iLearn is a specialised curriculum aimed at those students working close to, or not at, age expected on entering the Academy. iLearn classes have the same teacher for Geography, History, RE to ensure stability in a structured environment, good learning habits and that students are making progress throughout each of their subjects. Cross-curricular links are made more readily; this is done through a carefully differentiated and re-modified curriculum. A strong Literacy focus is addressed throughout the curriculum with every lesson having a literacy learning objective running alongside the subject specific learning objective. All of their lessons are taught in a 6 – 7 week block.

Resources in department

The students that are in iLearn have access to a wide variety of resources. The students have access to computers, maps, and artistic materials such as coloured paper, paints, clay and modelling dough. Throughout the iLearn programme we encourage our students to make use of these resources in order to enrich their learning.