Mrs S Chandler Subject Leader of History
Miss A Powell Teacher of History
Miss L Gill Teacher of History
Miss E White Teacher of RE and History

Despite what many believe, History is not just about learning about the past.  It’s also about learning vital skills that employers are looking for in employees:

  • The ability to extract relevant information from passages.
  • To understand that things shouldn’t be taken at face value.
  • To question what they might read, see or hear. 


Learning about the past is an integral part of History.  In knowing where we have come from, students will have a better understanding of the world around us, including conflicts, social aspects and technology – and with the world rapidly developing and evolving around us – this has become more and more important.
At the John Wallis Academy in KS3 (Year 7 and 8) History is a compulsory subject.  In Year 8 students get to decide whether to take History at GCSE – with the subject becoming increasingly popular especially with the current government’s renewed focus on the importance of achieving an ‘EBacc’ qualification. 

For a more detailed breakdown of the subjects being covered across the Key Stages, please click on the links below.

History Overview Year 7History Overview Year 8History Overview - GCSE

Key Stage 5

Years 12-13 – OCR A Level History

Taught topics: 

Paper 1: Y106 (25%) England 1485–1558: the Early Tudors, Enquiry topic: Mid Tudor Crises 1547–1558 

Paper 2: Y221 (15%) Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany 1919–1963

Paper 3: Y319 (40%) Civil Rights in the USA 1865–1992

NEA (Non-Examined Assessment): a 3,500 word essay on a topic of your choice (20%)