Computer Science


Miss Solly Subject Leader of Computing and iMedia
Mr MacInnes Teacher of Computer Science
Mr Wright

Teacher of ICT and Computing

The John Wallis Academy Computer Science Department are an enthusiastic team of teachers who are excited by the world of computer science and future technology. We are all passionate about making sure that all students get the best computing experience possible. We work hard to ensure that we offer a varied, challenging and creative curriculum to all our students allowing them to explore the world of programming. Our aim is to ensure that all students are confident, responsible, selective and skilled users of technology.

The department currently has 3 fully-equipped windows PC computer suites, and there are also computer suites in a number of other subject areas. As well as typical hardware and software such as Office, we are constantly investigating new software and technologies in order to enrich our computing provision. Students will have the opportunity to use a wide range of software. For the creative elements this will include Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Audacity, Serif Draw, Page, Web and Photo Plus. To cover the coding aspects students will become familiar with the complex instructions in Scratch and Snap, how to create worlds in Kodu, games and software in The Games Factory 2. Python IDLE and Thonny are the chosen IDE’s used for coding in Python, and Dreamweaver, Serif Web Plus and notepad++ are used for HTML coding and webpage building.

What Software do we use?

We are sometimes asked by parents what software they could purchase for home, which could support their child’s progress. Some applications we use are quite costly and due to the short amount of time they are used, it would not be worth the expenditure. However, we feel it is important for students to be able to make choices about which software tools they use. Image manipulation and multimedia software is often the most expensive, but there are a number of free packages which we would recommend for downloading at home

  • Audacity is an excellent free sound-editing package which will be used for podcasting.
  • Scratch/Snap are free visual programming tools using blocks of code.
  • Python IDLE and Thonny are free to download for coding in Python.
  • Open Office is a free, and allows students to open and work on Office documents.

Office 365 accounts are also available for all students at the academy to allow online access to Microsoft products. Please see the ICT department for details on how to access this.

Designing and Playing Games!

We believe that designing and playing games can be an activity with a large amount of educational value. There are a number of fundamental skills and disciplines required in game design, not to mention curriculum links to subjects like Maths, Science, Music and Art. Perhaps most importantly of all it encourages creativity and enables us to approach aspects of our curriculum such as control and sequencing in what we hope is a motivating and enjoyable way. It also allows opportunities for students to plan and test, to peer-assess and to develop for an audience; these are skills which are valuable in many contexts.

Catch-up Sessions

To help students achieve their high aspirational targets we offer additional support after school to a range of year groups.

Please as your child to speak to their teacher regarding suitable sessions available to support their development.

Useful websites:

Access Office 365Learn scratch programming“Get Kodu” Audacity for sound editing and podcastingNeed Word, PowerPoint or Excel? Look no further. Free Open Source version of Office without the price tag.Some fun programming for all ages and abilities

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