Business Studies

Business Studies Department Staff  

 Mrs H Cradock, Subject Leader

Mrs S Faes, Teacher of Business Studies

The John Wallis Church of England Academy Business department are a passionate collection of teachers who believe in linking students studies in business to the real world. The department consists of three teachers.

All of the teachers have experience in real world business settings which allows them to adapt their teaching and make classroom activities fun and engaging. The business department is passionate about making sure that all students get the best business experience possible. We work hard to ensure that we offer a varied, challenging and creative curriculum to all our students.

The business department has access to ICT facilities. This allows students to carry out research and work on projects to enhance their understanding of business principals. The department also has access to a mock shop and retail room to give more real life experience.


  • Catch-up Sessions

To help students achieve their high aspirational targets we offer additional support after school on Tuesday for GCSE students.

Where Can Business Studies Take You?

Business studies is designed for students to learn skills for running or starting their own business such as managing money, advertising and employing staff. However it is so much more. By studying Business Studies you can develop your communication, team work and analytical skills. You will also increase your confidence as you realise that anyone can have the ability to start their own business.

Subject Documents Date  
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