Sixth Form - Welcome from our Senior Prefects


Watching the school progress over the years, and seeing the ideas from previous prefects being put in place is incredible. You can really see the inspiration they have made on so many pupils within the school, and I feel honoured to be a part of this process: to have such an affect on the shaping of the school as a senior prefect.

The Sixth Form area embodies the professional business atmosphere that you would experience when going into a job or university, which encourages independence in our students. We are taught time-management; utilizing each independent study period, taking your learning beyond your lessons. 

The leap to Sixth Form is immense, however, you are not alone in the process. The smaller classes allowing you to reach your full potential, while teachers are also available to offer any extra support to students.

The support for life after Sixth Form is available from day one, including: one to one help on writing your CV, applying to University through UCAS, and applying for an apprenticeship degree. Career events and University residential are also available to help with your next steps in your career. Though this may sound daunting, Sixth Form inspires you with confidence to follow the path that is right for you, allowing you to reach your potential.

Pheonix Eckert

As Senior Prefect of the John Wallis Academy Sixth Form, I am positive that I will be able to find and implement ideas which can be used to develop the Sixth Form.

Due to me being at the Academy since Year 6, I have seen the immense rate at how quickly the Academy as a whole has improved. With the continuous support being provided by the staff here at the Sixth Form, students are able to gain the help that they need. Whether if it’s help with their Universities and Colleges admissions services (UCAS) personal statements, finding apprenticeships or help with their chosen subjects in after school sessions there is always a member of staff available to support students so that they can be successful for their future careers.

Emmanuel Ikiseh

Having been a part of the Academy since Year 7, I have been given a range of opportunities to grow and succeed with the school.  

As an ambassador of the Academy, I aim to fulfil my role of Head Prefect by encouraging other students to grasp every opportunity the academy provides and introduce new exciting ideas.  

If students embrace the chances the Academy offers, we can all succeed and progress.  

I am committed to working hard to introduce new opportunities for all students to enable everyone to have a voice.  

The John Wallis Academy has given me my independence with support from teachers, has allowed me to develop good organisation skills. 

I am privileged to be a representative of the Academy.  

Connie Maple