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Information about Special Educational Needs for Parents and Carers

Primary Phase Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs

 We define special educational needs according to the Education Act 1996 definition: ‘A child has a learning difficulty if he/she has a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age; or, has a disability which either prevents or hinders the child from making use of educational facilities of a kind provided for children of the same age in schools within the area of the local educational authority’ (Education Act 1996).

The difficulties may be:

• of a physical nature

• connected with sight, hearing or speech

• emotional or behavioural

• specifically related to an aspect of literacy or mathematics

• more general, covering some or all aspects of school work



The SENCO’s role, with the support of the Head Teacher and Governing Body, involves being responsible:

• The day-to-day operation of the provision made by the school for pupils with SEN;

• Co-ordinating the provision for pupils with SEN;

• Ensuring that an agreed, consistent approach is adopted;

• Liaising with and advising other school staff;

• Helping staff to identify pupils with special educational needs;

• Carrying out detailed assessments and observations of pupils with SEN;

• Supporting class teachers;

• Ensuring the effective use of resources, materials and personnel.


Contacting the Primary Phase SENCo

Parents and carers can always contact myself, Ms Ahmet (SENCo) at the school by telephoning the school office: Alternatively you may wish to come and talk to us and appointments can be made via the school office.



Each child’s achievements are reviewed on a regular and systematic basis and this provides information which can be used to determine how to proceed. Additional action is taken when a child’s current rate of progress is inadequate. Pupils identified as having Special educational needs are provided with additional support to ensure that they progress and achieve. We aim to have high expectations and set suitable targets for all children and, where necessary, we use the P-Scales when target setting for children with SEN. The school employs an Educational Psychologist, who supports the school in identifying pupil’s specific educational needs and provides strategies to ensure pupil progression.


Intervention Groups

During the year parents will receive a letter from the SENCO detailing any additional interventions your child may have at school in order to accelerate the progress they are making. Children requiring referral to external agencies for additional support such as Speech and Language Therapy will be also be informed and will be contacted by the SENCo.

The interventions provided are regularly monitored and reviewed by the SENCo, primary leadership team and class teacher. The level of support provided to a child may increase or decrease according to their individual needs.  Parents wishing to discuss the provision for their child should contact me (the SENCo) or their child’s class teacher. 

The Nurture Group

Nurture groups are a form of early intervention for children who may experience difficulties in their education because of social and emotional problems. The Primary phase presently has a nurture group which is well staffed with a team of 4 adults, which is led by the SENCo. Pupils attend for varying amounts of time and receive social and emotional support to enable them to build their confidence and improve their self-esteem. Children have opportunities to develop their social skills through a range of activities within a well-structured setting. The nurture team works in partnership with parents to encourage a holistic approach and support children to function appropriately in both able children  



The school works in partnership with a number of external agencies for pupils with special educational needs which include the:

• Speech and Language Therapists

• Family Support Team

• Occupational Therapy Service

• Hearing Impairment Unit


• Specialist hospital services

Training (INSET)

Teaching staff receive training on how best to support children with Special educational needs. This ensures that the expertise of teaching and non-teaching staff across all areas of special educational needs continues to grow.

Partnership with Parents and Carers

The John Wallis academy is committed to working closely with parents and carers to ensure that the needs of children with SEN are met. We recognise the valuable role parents play in identifying difficulties their child may be experiencing in their education. Parental concerns and requests for advice, assistance and support are given serious attention. Parents wishing to discuss concerns regarding their child are able to speak to the SENCo, primary leadership team and/or class teacher.

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