Mr B Parrish Subject Leader of Music


Music Overview Year 7Music Overview Year 8


KS3 Music

Key Stage 3 music is a fabulous whirlwind introduction to music in all its forms. Students will take part in engaging and interesting lessons focused around practical music making on a variety of instruments.  Topics will include learning singing, the orchestra and how to be the next big music producer.

Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 music is a continuation of the wonderful development of musicians however at this point our students split into two streams. 

Music Performance or Music Technology

Music Performance

Music performance students specialise in an instrument or voice and embark on a 3 year course which comprises mainly coursework. They will work with their music teacher to hone their skills in their chosen instrument and become a skilled and confident performer.




In particular they will learn:



- Practice skills



-Performance skills



-Organisational skills



-Event Management skills



- Teamwork skills



- Confidence



- Discipline






Music Technology



Music Technology is a strand of music taught in Key Stage 3 music which develops students’ compositional skills and performance skills using computers to make music. Students will learn about the history of recording and learn how to operate music recording equipment in our recording studio. This course is focused around developing students creativity in digital music and developing their skills of expression.