Miss E Regan

Teacher in Charge of Dance

Dance plays an important role within a student's all-round education and well-being, providing students with skills that they can transfer across the curriculum and into life. The study of dance as an art form develops students' social, emotional, physical and intellectual capacities. Due to its physical nature, dance provides a means of expression and communication distinct from other art forms. Students learn how to work collaboratively as a team, as well as to use their initiative to work independently. Students also have the opportunity to build their confidence and self-esteem when performing in front of others.

The Dance curriculum is designed to:

  • Engage students in a wide range of dance styles and performances.
  • Nurture individual confidence and sensitivity to others.
  • Provide a means of personal and social expression.
  • Develop social skills.
  • Develop self-discipline and responsibility.
  • Develop abilities to solve problems.
  • Develop individual and group identity.
  • Develop independent life-long learners.
  • ​Develop trust and understanding of other’s needs.

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