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Our Vision




“The glory of God is a human being fully alive”

St Irenaeus

Our vision for The John Wallis Church of England Academy is for our Academy to be an ‘outstanding’ school with a common set of Christian values which can be shared with teachers, parents, pupils, students and governors, in order to make the world a better place in which to live. Our Christian Values are portrayed in the acronym LIGHT:


  • LOVE



  • HOPE



    We believe that the purpose of education is to develop integrated human beings. ‘The glory of God’, St Irenaeus wrote in the second century “is a human being fully alive”.  This is the purpose of Christian Education, to draw out the potential of each person to the full, in a community which recognizes the centrality of Jesus Christ as our guide and inspiration. To encounter Jesus is to be invited into “life in all its fullness” ( John:10:10.) 


    Gospel values must be at the centre of all that we do in our Academy, in and through the relationships we have with each other.  We must respect ourselves, respect each other, respect our values and respect our environment.  Our mission is to inspire and enable each unique pupil /student to achieve their full spiritual, academic, physical, moral and personal potential and to strive always for excellence, not only academic excellence but excellence in the development of the whole person. Our Academy must provide the opportunities for pupils / students to achieve academic excellence in a community committed to the education and development of the whole person. Experience shows that the traditions and ethos of a school and especially the enthusiasm and personal gifts of the teacher can inspire a student to glimpse wider horizons and to embark on a process of personal growth. Our commitment to the dignity and ultimate worth of each person, rooted in each being created in the image of God and loved by God, is further shaped by the person, teaching and example of Jesus. 


    It is one of the teacher’s tasks to help develop their pupils’ / students’ ability to form relationships and to be part of a living and loving community.  That part of a teacher’s job is highly skilled, vitally important and sometimes lost sight of.  One of the secrets here is to recognize that our Academy is not an institution but a community which is striving to live out Gospel Values throughout the whole curriculum. Christian schools must have a shared language where ‘Gospel values are our performance indicators.’ In striving for “fullness of life” and “educational excellence” our pupils, students and teachers can pursue the big questions of meaning such as “Who am I ?, Why am I here?  What do I desire? How then shall I live?


    Let us remember that teaching is one of the highest and noblest vocations.  Many teachers and support staff find themselves having to counsel and support young people who bring great emotional burdens and responsibilities with them to school.  It is often precisely in the quality of human relationships formed in the activities both inside and outside the classroom that our school can grow as a community which conveys the love of God, who accepts our burdens and sorrow, and offers forgiveness and healing.


    In our Academy, the idea of redemption, the idea that every person is redeemable, when things go wrong for them, is central to the mission of a Christian school.  We must always engage in a common dialogue with parents and enable children to succeed. As an Academy rooted in the Gospel we don’t give up on anyone and we will strive to provide a platform for every child to succeed. We must be resolute in our mission to all children and be inclusive of the whole spectrum of society in our Academy, promoting respect and dignity for everyone.


At The John Wallis Academy, we want the children in our care:

  • to be happy;
  • to feel safe and secure;
  • to achieve their full potential;
  • to be educated in an attractive and stimulating environment;
  • to be valued, challenged and fulfilled; irrespective of their strengths or weaknesses;
  • to develop peer and adult relationships;
  • to learn to be selfless and not selfish;
  • to be nurtured in their faith if they come with a faith;
  • to be recognized as unique, gifted, created and loved by God.


Together we work with pupils / students, parents, staff, governors and the wider community to ensure that The John Wallis Church of England Academy is a thriving community committed to Gospel values as well as a centre of excellence at the cutting edge of state education. With the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the heart of our vision we will strive to be an ‘outstanding school’.


We will strive to do this in the following ways by ensuring:


School Leadership

  • that the Senior Leadership Team has the intellectual ability, the will, commitment, enthusiasm and energy to produce effective, responsible and inspirational school leadership;
  • that the Middle Leadership develop the skills and experience to be inspirational and to develop into whole school leadership;
  • that all school leaders, both senior and middle, develop robust skills at self-evaluation and improvement planning.


Personnel / Professional Development

  • that all members of staff have good relationships with our pupils /  students and colleagues in line with the Gospel values of our school;
  • that the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff is of the highest calibre;
  • that staff are motivated, challenged, effective and happy and are appropriately remunerated for their work;
  • that high quality CPD is available for all staff to enhance performance.


Teaching and Learning / Student Welfare

  • that all members of staff continue to strive to raise standards at all levels in our 3-19 Academy;


  • that there is high quality teaching in the classroom;
  • that there is  high quality learning in the classroom;
  • that there is high quality monitoring of teaching and learning and assessment in the classroom;
  • that we regularly monitor the SEF and SIP through our leadership meetings;
  • that there is a curriculum designed for a rapidly changing 21st Century;
  • that correct decisions are made with regard to curriculum innovation;
  • that there are ample resources for all curriculum areas;
  • that all members of staff continue to raise achievement and standards through Assessment for Learning and Personalised Learning;
  • that we have a yearly increase in post 16 students continuing in our Academy, in apprenticeships or in  work with training prospects;
  • that we review provision for careers education including holding a careers convention;
  • that we promote environmental awareness in our students;
  • that our students have an active and healthy lifestyle;
  • that the welfare of our students is promoted throughout the Academy;
  • that our students feel safe and secure in our care;
  • that we will positively promote e-learning safety in our school;
  • that we will become a high performing 3 – 19 Academy committed to pupil / student happiness and achievement;
  • that we cherish and value the opinions of all the school community especially the pupils / students.


Together we will strive to attain the vision of our sponsors to be an outstanding 3-19 Academy, making a difference to the lives of the young people whom we are privileged to teach.


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