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GCSE Results 2016-2017

Press Release


GCSE Results - Press Release - Thursday 24th August 2017

As students at The John Wallis Academy open their envelopes and receive the grades for the GCSE examinations they sat earlier in the summer, they will celebrate their successes and be proud of their hard work and commitment of their teachers over the last few years. This year we see the introduction of the new GCSE grading system from 9 to 1 with 9 being the highest grade. The new grades are being brought in to signal that GCSEs have been reformed and have more challenging content, and to better differentiate between students of different abilities.  English Language, English Literature and Mathematics are the first to be graded 9 to 1 this year. All other subjects are graded A* – G this year.  Employers, universities and colleges have been told that grade 4 is the nearest equivalent to a grade C.

 The Principal, John McParland, commented: “Our students can be justly proud of their results which bear witness to their hard work and determination to succeed when faced with the biggest exam shake up in a generation.  We are delighted with the achievements of many of our students who have exceeded their expected target grades and the Year Group as a whole has made expected progress.  With the reform in English this year, we are very pleased that 64% of our students achieved 9 - 4 / A* – C in English.  The results of the following students in particular deserve individual recognition:

·         Ellen O’Keefe: A* in R.E, A grades in French, History, Science, Sociology, grades 8 in English Language, 7 in English Literature, 6 in Mathematics, Distinction in Business and Enterprise and a B grade in Drama.

·         Nitesh Gurung: A* in Chemistry, A grades in Physics, Biology, History, grades 8 in English Literature, 7 in Mathematics, 6 in English Language, grades B in French, R.E., Art & Design, C in Computing.

·         Emma Gurung: A* in R.E, A grades in Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, B in Spanish, grades 7 in English Literature, 6 in Mathematics, 5 in English Language and Merit in Business and Enterprise.

·         Renee Akpojewa:  Grades 8 in English Language and in English Literature, A* in Health and Social Care A*, A in R.E., B in Geography, grade 5 in Mathematics, B in Additional Science, B in Science.

·         Nikola De Silva Ascensa Grade 8 in English Literature, 7 in English Language, 5 in Mathematics, grades A in Geography and Art & Design, B grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, C grades in R.E and French. 

·         Charles Hollands: A* in Geography, A grades in History and R.E, grades 6 in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics, B grades in French, Biology and Physics, C grades in Chemistry and Computing.

·         Lewis Banks: Grade 8 in English Language, grade 6 in English Literature, grade 5 in Mathematics, B grades in R.E., Drama, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Level 2 Distinction in Business and Enterprise and C grades in French and Computing.

·         Holly Prue: Grades 9 in English Literature, 8 in English Language, A* in R.E., Grade A in Media, B grades in History, Spanish and Sociology, C grade in Drama and Core Science and grade 3 in Mathematics. 

Mr McParland went on to say, “Congratulations to all our students.  We wish them continued success in the future and are confident that their determination to succeed and commitment to their studies will enable them to reach their potential and to be successful and happy in the future.”

John McParland


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