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Pastoral Staff

Primary SENCO   
  Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal
Mrs H Ahmet     Mr R Woolley Ms K Walton     
Family & Multi-Agency Leader 
 Year 7 Leader  
Year 7  Pastoral
Support Manager 
  Year 8 Leader 
 Year 8 Pastoral
Support Manager
  Mrs H Rowe  Mrs A Court Mrs M Beardsley Ms A Healey
 Miss L Wood
Year 9 Leader  Year 9 Pastoral Support Manager 
  Year 10 Leader Year 10 Pastoral Support Manager   

 Miss R Hopkins  Mr G Hart    Miss N Cooper     Mrs J Hopperton 
  Year 11 Leader     Year 11 Pastoral Support Manager     
      Mrs S Hawley    Mrs E Rouse     
Deputy Leader of
Sixth Form

   Sixth Form       Learning Mentor  

   Student Welfare Officer  
Mr I Rich   Mrs L Groves  
  Mrs L James   Mrs T Hollingsbee  
 Pastoral Support Manager
 Pastoral Support Manager Alternative Curriculum
 Pastoral Support Manager Alternative Curriculum
 Pastoral Support Manager Alternative Curriculum 
 Alternative Curriculum Teacher   
Mrs Y Spicer   Mr J Tanton  Miss H Bainbridge Mr S Hayward  Mrs H Taylor   
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